Echeveria Swan Lake Watercolor
Succulent Watercolor Notecard Set
Back and Front Image on Notecard
Echeveria Pink Frills Watercolor
Graptoveria Opalina Watercolor
Aeonium Kiwi Watercolor
Aeonium Sunburst Watercolor

Watercolor Succulent Notecards

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Pastel Succulents
Infinite Beauty Captured
Watercolor Art

We have teamed up with award-winning watercolor artist Tracy Lynn Ross to create a one of a kind set of handpainted succulent note cards.

Five delicately detailed succulent watercolor paintings adorn the folded notecards, with two of each image creating a pack of 10 cards and envelopes.
Perfect to send out for any occasion or to gift to those who appreciate the beauty of succulents.

10 Foldover Printed Note Cards:  Size 3 5/8" h x 5 1/8" w
10 Envelopes:  Size 3 5/8" h x 5.1/8" w
Watercolor Succulent Images:
  • Aeonium Kiwi
  • Graptoveria Opalina
  • Echeveria Pink Frills
  • Echeveria Swan Lake
  • Aeonium Sunburst