Tropical Leafy Wall with Bromeliads
Tropical Living Wall - 24 Pocket Planter
Tropical Living Wall 24 pocket planter hung outside
Tropical Living Wall - 24 Pocket Planter
Tropical Living Wall - 24 Pocket Planter
Tropical Leafy Living Wall - 24 pocket planter
Tropical Living Wall - 24 Pocket Planter
Tropical Living Wall - 24 Pocket Planter
Felt pocket planter hanging tab
Felt planter pocket view

Tropical Living Wall - 24 Pocket Planter

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Fill your wall with tropical plants, bromeliads and ferns that will transport you to your favorite island destination. 

Tropical Plants - Leafy Living Wall Collection The Tropical Signature Collection includes a variety of plants featuring varying tropical foliage and vibrant color hues: reds, oranges, purples, greens.

Collection Conditions :  Suitable for shade, indoors and outdoors

Living Wall Kit Includes: 

  • 24 Pocket Planter - 32" W x 48" H x 5" D
  • 24 Root wrappers - 12" square
  • Drip line Irrigation
  • Mounting tabs to hang the living wall to most surfaces including concrete walls, fences, gates, stucco , etc.
  • 40 plants : plants may be 4" or 6" allowing for 1-2 plants per pocket
  • Detailed design instructions for creating your Tropical Living Wall


  • 40 Tropical Collection plants
  • 24 Pocket Felt Planter (32"W x 48"H)
  • Individual pocket size - 10" W x 6" H x 3" D
  • Multiple planters can be hung above and alongside one another in order to create a larger planted wall area.
  • Individual root wrappers allow you to easily change out plants to accommodate the changing seasons
  • Option to water manually or connect to an existing drip line
  • Weight - 1 lb per square foot (about 3 lb per square foot when planted)

Pocket Planter Material:

  • The felt is made from recycled plastic water bottles, it is a non-toxic fiber that is indestructible and tough. Over time roots grow into the moist felt.
  • Felt pockets stretch open to receive 4 to 6 inch potted plants. Each pocket is 10″ wide by 6″ deep.
  • Pockets are stapled to a lightweight rigid plastic board that holds the pockets in place and provides an air space behind the wall that protects walls from constant moisture.
  • Included Root Wrappers make it easy to change, arrange and handle plants. 
  • Hand water or connect to automatic drip irrigation systems
  • Felt color: black 

Plants in shipment may vary from picture and will depend on seasonal variability and plant availability.  This ensures plants are fresh and will thrive in the current climate.