Succulent Kokedama - Small
Succulent Kokedama - Small
Succulent Kokedama - Small

Succulent Kokedama - Small

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Growing Ornament
Beautiful Succulent Life
Held in a Moss Ball

Such a great way to display succulents while giving them everything they need to grow. The kokedama moss ball enrobes the soil and nutrients while at the same time providing a beautiful natural way for them to show off. Hang them as ornaments or display them around the home both inside and outside.

Succulents need light to thrive, so hang or place them near a window if indoors. They are easy to care for by soaking the moss ball in a basin of water for about 25 minutes, once it has dried out completely (approx. every 1-2 weeks). After soaking squeeze out the moss ball and it is good to go!

Moss Ball:  Approx. 3-4" diameter
Succulent Plant:  2" plant

NOTE: Succulent shipped may not be the same as in image due to availability. Product is made to order and we will try to accommodate specific succulent variety requests.