Potted Succulent Candle Box on Deck
Succulent Candles in Box Top View
Potted Succulent Candles in table setting
Row of potted succulent candles on deck
Potted Succulent Candles in Box
Succulent Variety Potted Candles in Group
Line Up of 4 Potted Succulent Candle Varieties

Potted Succulent Candles in Box

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Light Laughter and Love
Box of Waxen Wonderful
Succulent Beauties

It is easy to be green with these cute succulent candles, hand-crafted from unscented paraffin. Each candle is shaped into a distinct succulent variety, nestled in a miniature galvanized iron pot and then packaged together as a foursome into a small wooden box.

This charming succulent grouping creates the perfect gift, for yourself or another, because after all, we can all do with a little more succulent light in our life.

Box:  5" square x 3.25" h
Candles:  4 distinct succulent varieties - 2.25" diameter x 3" - 3.25" h