Felted Cactus Ornament Grouping on backdrop
Group of 6 felted cactus ornaments
Felted Cactus Style 1
Felted Cactus Style 2
Felted Cactus Style 3
Felted Cactus Style 4
Felted Cactus Style 5
Felted Cactus Style 6
Felted Cactus Ornaments on Ornamental Tree

Felted Cactus Ornaments - Individual

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Oh Prickly Cactus
Brightly Felted Funky Fun
Liven Up My Tree

Looking for a unique ornament to brighten your life? This garden of hand-felted blooming desert cacti ornaments offers six different types of Saguaro, Senita and Organ pipe cactus to choose from. Pick a favorite, or select a few to hang together in a bright and colorful group.

6 distinct cactus styles measuring 3.25" - 7.5" w x 5.5" - 6.5" h