12 pocket felt vertical garden planter
Close view of felt pocket planter construction

12 Pocket Felt Vertical Garden Planter

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Vertical gardens are easy to plant and maintain using the lightweight pocket system of these hanging felt planters.
  • Hand-made in the USA from recycled plastic water bottles, creating a non-toxic, tough fiber that will last a lifetime.
  • Pockets are stapled to a lightweight plastic board that protects the wall from moisture.
  • Pockets stretch open to receive 4" potted plants.
  • The product includes convenient felt wrappers making it simple to handle, change and arrange the plants in your living wall.
  • Simply wrap the plants with the root wrappers in their own soil and slide into the pockets.
  • The felt pocket planter allows plants to breathe, drink & receive the nutrients they need, all while keeping your wall dry and your plants healthy.
  • Planters can be hand watered or connected to an automatic drip irrigation system.
  • Planters are tab mounted and can be arranged alongside one another to create any size wall you desire.


  • 12 pocket felt planter
  • 12 felt wrappers and elastic bands
  • Irrigation drip line
  • Mounting tabs attached to the planter for hanging


Planter Size: 32″ wide x 24″ high x 1 1/2″ deep

Weight: 7 lbs (approx. 25 lb when planted)

Color: Black

NOTE: Plants are not included with this product