Features - Succulent Living Wall

Succulent Panel Planter

We have done the research and testing to find what we feel to be the best vertical succulent planting panel to offer with our succulent living wall kits.
The planter cells and other features such as irrigation facilitation, provide for an ideal modular vertical succulent planter solution for walls both large and small.

  • Each modular planting panel provides 10 separate planting cells
  • Planting cells are an ideal size and depth for planting 1 (4") succulent or 2 (2") succulents
  • Panels can be hung individually or grouped together to configure any size of vertical living wall desired
  • Vertical modular panels offer a great way to showcase succulents on your walls
  • Option to water panels manually or utilize a drip line and connect to an existing irrigation system
  • Panels can be mounted to most surfaces including concrete walls, fences, drywall, wood or stucco
  • Panels are designed specifically for use as vertical planters providing a natural flow of water through each cell in the panel when hung vertically

Care & Maintenance

Succulents are ideally suited for vertical planting as they require little maintenance and can offer beautiful designs and colors due to their natural beauty.
For more details on the ideal environment for your vertical succulent wall and how to plant, care for and maintain it - READ MORE ...