Spread the Love with Succulents this Valentine's Day



Succulent “Bows”

Gift Wrapping With Succulents ImageEcheveria rosettes, and cuttings from various succulents with warm red hues, combined with simple, neutral wrapping paper, will make your Valentine's Day presents irresistible. You can either tuck the succulents under ribbons, twine or string; or you can glue them into place. Not only does this lend to making the gift look inviting and beautiful, but it also acts as a ‘bonus’ gift. After unwrapping, recipients can plant the succulents or clippings, and watch them grow!

Table Settings

Succulent Table SettingsThe dining table is the locus for connection and love, and more importantly, delicious food. Decorating a table can seem overwhelming; but there are easy steps that you can take to wow your significant others, and set the mood for a fantastic evening. Fill rustic boxes or bowls with succulent plants and cuttings to create miniature gardens on your romantic table. Accompany these centerpieces with candles in small glass jars, to add an extra glow to the table.

Heart Wreaths

Planted Places Heart Wreath (7"x7")There is nothing better than a gift that keeps on growing! Give your loved ones a heart-shaped succulent wreath that they can either hang on their wall or enjoy as a centerpiece. If you need a Valentine’s Day activity and your loved ones like to get crafty, you can make succulent heart wreaths together. DIY projects can be a great way to spend quality time with the people you love. Simply order a wreath at Planted Places https://plantedplaces.com/products/garden-party-kits and you will receive everything you need to make this Valentines Day project special.

DIY Valentines Day Succulent Pot

Stencilled Succulent Pots

There is nothing more special than getting a gift that took a little extra love to make. Using a small wooden or ceramic cup or bowl, make a cute and budget friendly gift. Cut a small stencil heart and use red or pink paint to decorate your pot. You can also use permanent markers or paints to personalize the pot with written heartfelt notes. Fill the pot with a cute succulent that has some red and pink hues.

Succulent Inspired Punny Cards

Valentine's Day Succulent Pun Cards

There are endless Valentine's Day cards to choose from and picking the right one can be overwhelming. Avoid the Hallmark vortex and try your hand at a homemade card, a personal touch that makes everyone feel loved. Succulents can be a great way to make the perfect v-day card. Not only are they cute, but some of their names make for perfect puns—a sure way to get your Valentine smiling. You can either make your own succulent drawing, painting or print or download a free printable one here.

Links to Printable Succulent Valentine's Cards & Crafts





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